Where it all started

Life seemed to be going ok for us all. Dad was happy mum was happy ( looking back now I don’t know if that was for show or if she actually was happy).

Mum and dad used to pick me and my sister Olive up from school and this one day only dad came to pick us up from school. I asked where mum was and he said she wasn’t feeling very well. So when we got in mum was sat in the kitchen with a red face looked like had been crying but I didn’t ask.

I had a little routine going after school I would have some crisps and watch Tracy beaker in the front room so that’s what I done. Mum and dad were arguing in the kitchen it was the first time I heard them like this. They had there petty arguments but this one was different. Taking a little peak round the door mum and dad were getting in each others personal space.

So I went to sit back on the sofa listening hoping that they would stop shouting. My stomach was in knots tears were streaming down my face I knew I had to do something to stop it.

Sitting there thinking what I could say or do to make them stop shouting. Minutes were going by and they were still arguing I knew Gary was due home from school soon. He used to walk with his friends. So I built up the courage to walk into the kitchen slowly and gently putting one foot in front of each other just in case I got shouted at and I said “please can you stop shouting I’m scared” dad said they weren’t shouting to go and watch television. So I turned round and headed back to the front room out of the way still with tears rolling down my face.

As I got to the door way of the front room in comes my brother throwing his bags on the floor none of the wiser of what’s going on. He came bounding into the front room to see me crying. He asked me what was the matter and where was Olive so I told him what was going on and Olive was asleep.

He grabbed me and gave me a big hug and told me not to worry. I felt so secure in him arms I knew he wouldn’t let anything happen to me.

The next thing we heard a massive thud on the floor. We went running in to find mum picking herself off the floor. Dad said to me and Gary don’t worry kids mums fine she just fell over.

I ran up to mum and gave her a big hug and helped her up off the floor as she was crying. I asked if she was ok she said she was fine as she was glaring at dad.

As little as I knew that’s where it all started.

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